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Baby & Toddler

Baby Class(Pregnancy to 9 months
Toddler Class(
9 months to 2 years old


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Early Learning Center

Teddy Bear(1 year old)
Mermaid(2 years old)

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3 years old
4years old
5 years old

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Elementary School

Grade 1 to Grade 6
Kobe campus is an official IB PYP school.

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Secondary School

Junior high to senior high
Kobe campus is an official IB DP School

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Summer School
Advance Class

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Educational Vision

Developing creative and responsible leaders who can contribute to global society
through inquiry-based Japanese-English bilingual education


About Us


Kobe Campus


Worlds' first Japanese-English bilingual IB school!
Campus sited on a large field. Integrated school combining from ELC through Secondary school

The campus is sited on a large area of more than 6611m². Sunlight comes in through all of the classrooms from ELC to Secondary school. We have amazing facilities such as a cafeteria, where warm lunches are prepared everyday, a playground fully covered with artificial turf for children to run around, a blackbox theater equipped with three screens where it can be arranged freely to be used as a multipurpose room and more. 

Kobe campus is the only integrated school which combines ELC, Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary school. We have a PYP coordinator to provide IB education, and also a full time clinical psychologist to support students. For excursions, destinations vary from Science Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, Museums, and more to give students the opportunity to learn through their experiences. 

A 10min from Hanshin Oishi-station/ Shinzaike-station. Accessible from different areas.

Photo Gallery

関西国際学園神戸校 ELC
関西国際学園神戸校 ELC
関西国際学園神戸校 ELC
関西国際学園神戸校 ELC
関西国際学園神戸校 ELC
関西国際学園神戸校 ELC

Kansai International Academy conduct free trial lessons and information sessions for those who are interested in sending children to our schools or preschools.Elementary and secondary school  conduct online information sessions.
Please feel free to call the nearest campus if you have any questions about the availability of classes or if your schedule does not match your preferred lesson date.

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4-1-31 Shinzaike Minamimachi, Nada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 657-0864

10min walk from Hanshin Railway Oishi Station
12min walk from Hanshin Railway Shinzaike Station

Playground at site
Parking lot near by

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


Creative Lab
Black Box Theater
Science Lab
School Bus
Secondary Library
Secondary Art Room
Kindergarten Classroom
ELC Classroom
MP Room
Music Room
Meeting Room
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About Us
Curriculum  Lab Advisor

Ken Mogi

The modern view of academic ability is based on the concept that people have a multitude of interests, and that there are common methods for investigating those interests. Therefore, people do not need to decide the direction of their studies in advance. Instead, they can foster skills such as gathering data, mathematical analysis, and critical thinking. 

According to this concept, it would be nonsense to look at all known history and ask what percentage of that history a person knows. Nor does it follow that the purpose of education is to standardize the content of the “textbook” in advance and then master the standardized content.

In other words, the content of academic skills becomes a process and becomes meta-academic, and the target of adaptation of those meta-academic skills is different for each person.

Under this view of academics, all entrance exams must be AO (Admissions Office) exams. Because if there are a million people, there are a million different things each person is working on. Because there is. No single standard test can assess what every person is working on.

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Please feel free to call the nearest campus if you have any questions about the availability of classes or if your schedule does not match your preferred lesson date.


Weekday 8:00-18:00

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