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KIA Production G4-6

G4/5/6 students at Kobe Elementary School have concluded with success!

神戸校 Kobe

先日行われたいじめ予防プログラム「BE A HERO PROJECT」についてご紹介します。

神戸校 Kobe


神戸校 Kobe


Updates on New campus for Tokyo Elementary!

We have received some pictures from our new Sakura International School Elementary campus in Tokyo!

First Graduates from Secondary School

We had our very first graduation ceremony for Secondary School students! 
Diplomas were awarded to our three G12 students. 

Elementary Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation! 
Diplomas were awarded to 33 students yesterday. 

神戸校 Kobe


Staff training at Kobe campus

Staff training at Kobe campus started off with reflecting and discussing our “Essential Agreement”. 

What is PYPX?

Grade 6 is a special time for students. They are coming to the end of their elementary school journey and looking forward to exciting changes in their lives.

Secondary Science Exhibition

Our annual Science Exhibition was held in December.

PYP Exhibition Mentor Meeting

Mentor meetings are for a student and their mentor to meet and discuss their topic to prepare for the PYP Exhibition. Mentors support students by asking questions, giving some tips, and also support mentally. 

Secondary SAC Meting

At KIA, we have a Student Action Committee where representative students gather to make a better KIA learning community. 

KIA Spelling Bee Contest

We had a KIA Spelling Bee Contest!

KIA Secondary Students Debate Team

Please join us in congratulating the KIA Debate Team for their exceptional performance at the eSAI International Debate Competition, hosted by SAI International School, India.

Secondary Horse Back Riding
IB at KIA -G9-
IB at KIA -G5-

Everyone was happy to see each other again after the winter break. 

神戸校 Kobe


IB at KIA -G8-
IB at KIA -G7-
神戸校 Kobe


IB at KIA -G2-
神戸校 Kobe